end of course reflection 2 4 pages

  • Instructions

    Because this assignment concerns specific, personal aspects of your learning experience so far in this course, it should be written in first person (using I, me, my, et cetera).In 2–4 pages, complete the following sections:

    • Section 1:
      • Identify your most valuable learning experience from Units 6–10 and explain why it was so meaningful for you. This might include facts, concepts, insights, or ideas derived from course content, outside research, your instructor, your peers, or professionals in the field.(Answer: I learned the importance of communication and studying the needs of the community and what we need to do better to serve the entire community especially the ones in the poor areas)
    • Section 2:
      • Provide an example of knowledge, awareness, or a skill gained in Units 6–10 and explain how or why it is applicable to your current or future career.(Answer: I learned that education is needed to provide the community so they dont fall in the same pitfalls. STDS was very high in my city of Arlington, TX and improvement is sex education should help decrease those numbers)
    • Section 3:
      • Discuss ideas, material, research, or topics that you did not have time to fully investigate but would like to revisit. (Answer: Any articles on health disease prevention and proving healthy food options to the poor)
    • Section 4:
      • Create a list of resources for future reference and possible use in your courses, career, or both. This might include articles, authors, websites, professional organizations, research studies, and publications. For each resource, provide a link (where applicable) and consider including a brief annotation about why you included the resource.
        • Hint: You may wish to save the resources from Sections 3 and 4 in RefWorks for future access. Instructions for using RefWorks are included in the resources for this assignment.

    Additional Requirements

    • A title page and references page (if applicable).
    • 2–4 pages, double-spaced, not including the title page and references page.
    • APA format for citations and references.
    • Times New Roman font, 12 point.
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