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In module 2 we will transition to researching specific companies to build our portfolio for the Think or Swim project. To participate in this project be sure to review Learning Module Two: Investments, Risk, and Return. This module provides you with directions to register for a free 60-day TDAU paperMoney account with Think or Swim through TD AmeritradeU. You can also use other sources such as google to track your chosen stocks and record them on the spreadsheet attached.

In your class discussion for module 2 you will discuss the companies you have chosen for your initial investments. Part of that research may include reviewing news articles about the firm to find out if they have had any violations of the laws we discussed in module 1. There is also a video in Module 2 that explains how you can use Yahoo!Finance to learn about the performance of your chosen firms.

Before you begin this discussion, please make sure you review the module resources, register for TD Ameritrade U, and log into the thinkorswim trading platform using the instructions in the Virtual Lab Access module.

Once you are logged in:

  • Purchase stock from at least three companies using the fake money (or paper money) you have been given in your account.
  • Be careful not to spend all of your money. You should keep some money in your account so that you may purchase more stocks in the future.
  • If you are unsure about what companies you want to invest in, consider companies you may have worked for or companies you are interested in (e.g. Apple)
  • Have fun and enjoy the learning opportunity.

Once you have completed all of the above steps, address the following in your initial post:

  • Identify which companies you invested in on the TDAU thinkorswim platform.
  • Explain why you selected those companies.
  • Address whether you feel your portfolio is diversified. Explain your assessment.

In your response posts to your classmates, advance the discussion by commenting on their stock selections and their explanations for whether their portfolios are diversified. Use your module resources to support your responses.

Please respond to peer 1: I chose to invest in Amazon, Apple, and Johnson and Johnson. Amazon and Apple are both really big companies who are doing well for themselves so I felt those would be good choices. Then, in another class I took I studies Johnson and Johnson so I knew they were doing really well as a company also so I wanted to buy some stock in them as well. They also pay out dividends which can add up over time. I believe my portfolio is very diversified. I have three different companies that are in different industries. I covered online shopping, technology, and pharmaceutical. I think I will be able to see growth in these companies during this class.

Peer 2: The companies I chose are the producers of items, or stores that I frequently use, or shop at. I tried to pick what I use in everyday life. The companies I chose were Monster Energy (MNST), Dr. Peper (KDP) and Kroger (KR).

As of 3/9/20 Monster (MNST) was $61.70 a share. This was down -$4.39. Monster started in California. In 2002 Monster started marketing and producing Monster Energy Drinks. Their revenues grew from $92 million in 2002, to $2.25 billion in 2013 (Bailey, 2015). I did not find any articles related to violations of law.

As of 3/9/20 Dr. Pepper (KDP) was $25.28 a share and down -$1.34. in 1885 Dr. Pepper was invented by Charles ALderton in Waco, Texas. Since then Dr. Pepper has changed hands multiple times, through company acquistions. As of 2018 Dr. pepper merged with Keurig Green Mountain. I did not find any articles pertaining to law violations.

As of 3/9/20 Kroger (KR) was $30.83 a share and down -$1.21. Kroger was established in 1883, by Barney Kroger. Kroger was the first grocery store to have their own bakeries. Through the years Kroger has changed from a family owned operation, to a corporate one. No articles were found regarding law violations.




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