describe two examples of cross cultural contact using the sources provided

In this course we discussed various examples of cross-cultural contact and impact between civilizations, and saw that identities were changing and shifting constantly. Please describe twoexamples of cross-cultural impact (from the second half of the course, i.e., lectures 10-19) and explain their historical context and significance.

Answer in about 800 words, please try to not significantly exceed word count

I will provide two primary source to use and find examples within , please use at least of the sources to provide the two examples or use one source for each example

In text quotes aren’t necessary rather just providing examples and paraphrasing to back up your point.

things you can possibly talk about:

religious institutionalization

Gender hierarchies

Filial piety

Foreign interaction



divine justification


spread of islam

no need for a work cited page.

Thank you, have fun…

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