data analytics 7 page paper explaining the organization and how the analysis of the chosen dataset will benefit 1

Sample organization – How does Uber use analytics

Sample industry – How the hotel industry uses

Sample tech company – How Microsoft uses data analytics

I have attached the data set which I chose. Please view the data set as the writing is completely based on it.

Review the posted videos on organizations that utilize data analytics to make business decisions. Considering the dataset that you’ve chosen for your final analysis project, describe the organization/industry that would benefit from the analysis of your data. In addition, describe some of the ways that you will analyze the data to address a potential issue/opportunity for the organization. You will not be analyzing the data yet – only describing what you ‘could’ do with the data provided in the chosen dataset. A potential outline for this paper may look like this:

Introduction (introduce what you will be talking about in your paper)

Organizational Overview

Organization History

Organization Leadership

Organization Issue/Opportunity Identified (include the area/department of the organization that will benefit from the analysis)

Data Analysis

Potential analysis of data (things to consider – what types of relationships will you be looking for initially? what types of graphs and charts do you believe will be the best for this sort of data, things like that)

Predicted outcome and usefulness to the organization (what can the organization do with this analysis, or how will it solve the issue or exploit the opportunity, things like that)

Summary (tell the reader what you’ve told them, wrap up the topic)

—APA Format — 7 page paper—- Be careful with the citation as my professor is very strict on it.

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