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have 8 sildes presentations that is about Egypt

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Cross-Cultural Communication in Business Presentation

We have begun exploring different cultures and how cultural differences affect communication.

Each team is tasked with researching an assigned country or region and presenting their findings to the class.

Your presentation should be at least 10 minutes long and should answer the following points:

  1. What is the culture’s communication style like?
  2. What is the culture’s attitude toward conflict?
  3. What is this culture’s attitude towards working in groups and teams?
  4. What cultural customs are different than the United States?
  5. Considering all these factors, what do you need to know if you are treating a patient of the assigned nationality?

Develop a power point to accompany your presentation. Your PowerPoint should include at least six slides, have an appropriate background style and cover the following:

  • Introduction to the Culture (include geographic location, language, dominant religion, Food, etc.)
  • Body – Addressing questions 1 – 4 above.
  • Conclusions – Question #5 above.
  • Print out PowerPoint (3 slides per page) and turn in on presentation day

You may choose to begin your research on the following websites:

Presentation Due in class Week 10

Below is the outline that I have so far.


a.Topic: Egypt

b.Location: North Africa, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red sea.

c.Egypt is known as a tourism country because of its natural beauty.

d.History: Background of the country

e.Language: The most common language spoken in Egypt is Arabic. It is the official language in Egypt

f.Family Dynamic: The man of the household is responsible for paying his family expenses

g.Food- Eating is an important social activity for them.

h.The most important food they eat a lot is a loaf of bread

i.Types of dishes: Foul, Tamiyya or Falafel and Koshari.

j.Religion: Muslims is about (85%) Christians (15%)


a.Communication styles- Verbal and non-verbal, personal space

b.Attitude toward conflict:

c.How they react to conflict as a whole.

3)What cultural customs are different than the United States?

a.Egyptians Customs and Tradition:

b.They bring gifts when visiting somebody’s home.

c.They take their shoes off before entering their houses

d.Old people are highly respected members of the community.

4)What you need to know if treating a patient from Egypt.

a.How they response to pain

b.Health practice and their belief systems toward health condition


a.Summary of their culture and believe toward health and illness.

Group Presentation Rubric (14%)


1 Point

Total for Category

body language & eye contact

contact with the audience

dressed professionally

physical organization

on-time/within time limit


1 Point

Total for Category

correct usage

appropriate vocabulary and grammar


spoken loud enough to hear easily

little or no disfluencies


1 Point

Total for Category



main body


relate end to beginning/notify ending


1 Point

Total for Category

has cited evidence

has numerical/scientific data

spoken, does not read PowerPoint or handout

established credibility

example of expertise


1 Point

Total for Category




skillful handling of VA

does not distract from speaker


1 Point

Total for Category

very interesting/very boring

pleasant/unpleasant to listen to

very good/poor communication

organized thoughts/delivery

teamwork evident

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