answer each question in entirety of you will lose points

– Review the sample exam to gain an A. Follow the length, and structured, apply APA format and go in depth. It is not too rough but points are deducted for failing to following the samples.

-For attachments it must be in word. If it is any other format, or I am unable to open the file (such as word perfect) a 0 (zero) will be granted and no re0-submissions will be allowed)

-See your course due dates for any dates as well as announcements. These are set and well planned week 1.

-Do not use work you previously submitted this term or a past one, do not work with anyone and do not plagiarize. This will result in a 0/F and I want you to gain an A!

-1 page each question, APA format.

-Keep an eye on your gradebook for grades. I am unable to respond to “confirm” if it is submitted or not, you can do so with tech support if needed.

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