a reflection on the leadership role of a cio chief information officer 2

Topic: A Reflection on the Leadership role of a CIO (Chief Information Officer)

We have learned about Leadership roles in IT, one of these roles is that of a CIO. Discuss your views and expectations regarding the various skills both technical and non-technical that a CIO should possess in order to effectively lead a successful IT organization. You may opt to list and describe such skills in order of importance and what training may be available to allow a CIO to succeed. You may also write from a personal experience in which you have observed or worked with IT personnel in a comparable leadership role. Always make a connection between what you are sharing and the review of the literature to validate your research on this project.


Need minimum 500 words

oNeed Body and Conclusion

Need 3 Peer Reviewed APA References

Solution sounds like What are the skills CIO supposed to have to get success and What are those skills if he will fail without them.

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